Global Initiave : Greening The Planet, Restoring The Ecosystem


DENPASAR, – The Honorary Consulate of Ukraine in Bali in cooperation with The Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (UCCI) Representative in Indonesia tied-up a collaboration with the Indonesian Hotel General Manager Association (IHGMA) Bali to take part in a global initiative called Greening the Planet 2021.

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I Nyoman Astama, SE,MM,CHA
Honorary Consul of Ukraine in Bali
The Representative in Indonesia of Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (UCCI)
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The program is organized by Greening of Ukraine and initiated by CEO Club Ukraine and Business Woman Club. The initiative provides for the planting of 1 million trees in 100 countries within one day. On the 10th of April 2021 together with representatives of more than 50 foreign diplomatic institutions, Ukrainians from different parts of the world will take part in it.

This initiative is fully supported by the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, Mr. Dmytro Kuleba. The minister stated that human activities have already caused considerable damage to our planet. “It is time to correct mistakes, stop living in debt and pass it on to future generations. Ukraine is committed to the values of respect for nature and care for the environment. This project is a great opportunity to demonstrate this to the whole world,” minister Kuleba emphasized.

In order to support the program for Greening the Planet 2021, the Honorary Consulate of Ukraine in Bali in cooperation with the Representative of the Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Indonesia, coordinated a tree planting activity in a collaboration with the members of Indonesian Hotel General Manager Association (IHGMA) Bali.

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100 participants planted mangrove trees (Rhizophora mucronata) on Saturday, the 10th of April 2021. Sited on the marsh of Serangan Strait, each participant planted his/her own mangrove tree, took a picture of it and shared it by uploading to the website The tree planting location has been coordinated with the Department of Forestry in Bali and supported by the local Fisherman Group called Segara Guna Batu Lumbang Denpasar for protecting and ensuring the growth of the trees.

“Mangrove trees play an important role in protecting the mainland from the sea water intrusion that can cause the high hardness of domestic water. We, therefore, are planting the mangrove trees in this conserved area of South Bali island which at the same time when the trees are growing they will be the home for the sea creatures that nurture the ecosystem in the conserved mangrove forest”, said Nyoman Astama,SE,MM,CHA the co-organizer of the Greening Planet in Indonesia and the representative of UCCI in Indonesia.

“Other positive impact from this activity is that as we are collaborating with IHGMA Bali, the hotel general managers are expected to stimulate similar program in their working place and in their homes or original villages so that it can be a broader inspiring movement for sustaining the environment”, continued Mr. Astama who is also the Honorary Consul of Ukraine in Bali.

“IHGMA Bali chapter highly appreciates the activity of Greening the Planet which is organized by the Honorary Consul of Ukraine in Bali and we are very delighted to be involved in this global environmental program whereby today 1 million trees are being planted in 100 countries. During this activity we involve around 100 Bali hotel general managers member of IHGMA together planting mangrove trees in the location suggested by the department of Forestry and Environment of Bali province. This activity shows genuine care of tourism industry towards nurturing environment sustainability”, added Agung Bagus Ngurah, S.Tr.Par, CHA, CHE., selaku Wakil Ketua III DPD IHGMA Bali.

Nyoman Astama, SE., MM, CHT (Kiri-Konsul Kehormatan Ukraina di Bali), Agung Bagus Ngurah, S.Tr.Par, CHA, CHE., (Tengah-Wakil Ketua III DPD IHGMA Bali) dan I Made Yuda (Kanan-UPTD Tahura Ngurah Rai)

This global initiative of Greening the Planet is inline with one of Balinese local wisdom aspects that cause the balance of harmonious relations, which is the harmony relation between human being and the environment called Palemahan. Three causes of harmony relations to achieve the ultimate happiness called Tri Hitana Karana. They area Parhyangan (harmony relations between human and the God Almighty), Pawongan (harmony relations amongst human being) and Palemahan (harmony relations between human being and the environment).

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As the tree planting program was conducted during the pandemic situation, before planting the trees, all participants went through an anti-virus test using GeNose C19 device, a brand new medical device innovation designed by UGM (Gadjah Mada University) to detect Covid-19 symptoms only using people’s breath rapidly of less than 5 minutes, which was sponsored by GeNose Citra Bali. (Rls)

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