SANUR HOSPITALITY FORUM, KEEPING SANUR’S BEACH CLEAN TOGETHER – Sanur Hospitality Forum (SHF) recently conducted beach cleaning on Monday, 27 January 2020. Around 125 people from SHF member hotels who participated to this activity with a total of 45 kilograms of trash were collected along the shores of Sanur beach area.

Emphasizing a better understanding of waste management, all participants classified garbage in order to comprehend its differences.  From this process, found that the most waste came from plastic bottles, plastic bags and cigarette butts; which led us the awareness of our plastic usage and smoking habit that need to be reduced and avoided.


Through the occasion, Chairman of Sanur Hospitality Forum, Mr. Ricky and Mr. Stuart Bolwell; the Vice Chairman along with their Board Directors; IB Kharisma Wijaya, Aviadi Purnomo and Sebastien Marty are striving to encourage the entire members to cut down all the environmentally damaging resources such as single-use plastics. This sustainable event reinforced the members’ commitment to the values of Tri Hita Karana, a Balinese Hindu lifestyle philosophy on maintaining a harmonious balance between mankind (Pawongan), the environment (Palemahan) and God Almighty (Parahyangan).

Sanur Hospitality Forum members come from range of international accommodation options ranging from 5-star resorts to budget-friendly alternatives, as well as an endless array of shopping, dining and entertainment possibilities. It is quite simply the perfect Bali holiday destination for families, couples and friends of all ages. Therefore Sanur beach cleanliness is meant to be kept on our concern.

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